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The chamber system for house and site drainaging

The magnaplast Chamber System is multifunctional enough to offer suitable solutions for numerous problems on the construction site. All components can be easily and quickly connected to each other as well as to other pipe systems. Perfect connections and integrated sealing systems guarantee a tight connection in each area of application. The telescopic cover comes with small dimensions and adapts optically to its environment. Furthermore it is variable in height up to 400 mm and easily adjustable. A calculation of the exact installation depth is not necessary. The covering is automatically made with the surrounding surface. The telescopic cover remains flexible and adjusts the movements of the ground. This is a big advantage especially in the wintertime. Moreover, the chamber system cannot rust.

These arguments characterize the innovative magnaplast Chamber System, which facilitate estate drainage. Small in dimension, big in performance. The magnaplast Chamber System is the typical inspection chamber for building drainage and can be used for green areas, parking places or as drainage chamber. Available connections from DN/OD 110 – 200.

Part of System

Chamber Base

The Chamber Base is the base part of the inspection chamber system available in different Diameter like 200, 315 and 400mm


The Riser is a smooth straight sewage pipe of Diameter 200, 315 and 400mm delivered from 1 to 6 meter length, may be cut to desired length at construction side

Telescopic Cover

The telescopic cover is an intergal part which connects the telescopic pipe with cast iron manhole.

Application Example

The installation of the chambers is very easy, no need of a dredger or heavy tools. The Unification of Mp products provide the designer or contractor with the possibility of selecting and assembling of the manifold headers, telescopic covers and rises, which offers a wide range of applications.

- 315/160 manifold header with L250 manhole are recommended as inspection chambers and for household connections;

- small mainfold headers for 200mm rises and pessage from 160 to 200mm are recommended as inspection chambers and for household connections;

- other mainfold headers without settling tanks are recommended for main channels. The appropriate load capacity of the cover allows applying in different traffic intensity:

- A load capacity 5 T - no traffic - green places, lawns;

- B load capacity 12.5 T - light traffic: sidewalks, squares;

- D load capacity 40 T - heavy traffic: roads, driveways.