Projects/ References

Stock Exchange Tower, Islamabad

Stock Exchange Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Islamabad City.

Park Avenue Apartments, Islamabad

Park Avenue Apartments is located at the heart of Islamabad F-11, the luxury apartments are designed and constructed by some of the most reputed companies in Pakistan.

EOBI House, Islamabad

EOBI House is a ground plus 9-storey building designed by NESPAK and located at G-10/4, Islamabad.

Silver Oaks, Islamabad

Silver Oaks Apartments located at 10th Avenue West, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad is a residential apartments project with 2 floors underground and 10 above ground.

Mari Gas Petroleum, Islamabad

Mari Gas Petroleum is a Project designed by Naqvi & Siddiqui with 6 Floors Above Ground and 1 Underground located at G-10/4, Islamabad.